The company behind Dager is Waldensen AB, an Internet of Things ("IoT") startup based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The General Manager and main project lead of the company is Kjell Svensson, an engineer and serial entrepreneur with over two decades of experience in funding and leading tech-based startups.


We are from Sweden. A country that’s dark for six months of the year. A country where we consume enormous amounts of static artificial light.

Static artificial light is practical, but is it really the best that can be done in the 21st century? We didn't think so. So based from our IoT background we created Dager, offering the world streamed dynamic lighting, collected from the nature!

Dager is a trademark registered by Waldensen AB.


Dager One is our concept product. An uncompromising lamp made to help us show what our Dager technology can do. It has been manufactured in small volumes using premium materials and components.

In other words: Dager 1 is probably not a lamp that will be used by everyone. Instead, it can be used as a reference design for established lamp manufacturers, offering new dimensions and possibilities to their products.


Daylight lamps are not new. There are e.g. lamps that imitate some key properties of daylight, often referred to as "Circadian Lighting" or "Human Centric Lighting" ("HCL").

But our technology opens up new possibilities. There is no need to imitate the daylight when we can record and replay real light collected from the nature. And if the light is replayed at the same time-of-day as it was recorded, it will reproduce the circadian rhytm from the place where it was collected - even if it's replayed in another place and timezone!


Our vision is that streamed dynamic lighting should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

To achieve that, we believe that collaboration and building partnerships is the right way to go. We are probably not the best suited to produce and distrubute lamps to the world. So we’re focusing on finding the right partners to share our technology and collaborate with. Partners that can make Dager compatible lamps available to the many people. Leaving us to focus on collecting light from amazing places – and streaming it to millions of connected lamps all over the world.