What does “Dager” mean?

In Swedish, it's a word for “daylight”. In other languages, e.g. Danish and Norwegian, it simply means "days".

What’s the difference between your technology and “Human Centric Lighting” (HCL)?

HCL is about controlling indoor lighting so that it resembles daylight. The colour and intensity of the light are slowly changed over time to mimic the real thing.

We collect real light instead, outdoors from the nature. And not just direct light from the sun but also light that’s reflected from the surroundings. Then we replay it indoors, anywhere, any time.

When can I buy Dager One?

We never intended to sell Dager One. It’s a concept product, made to showcase our technology.

But we have been quite overwhelmed by the consumer interest lately.

So please let us know if you're interested, too! We might change our minds...

Is a Dager Two coming?

Yes. We are working on a second concept product, designed to showcase some additional exciting potential with our technology.

Stay tuned!

Will there be light streams available from my hometown?

We choose locations based on light characteristics, geography – and public interest. So please let us know if there is a place you'd like to see supported.