Dager One is a ceiling pendant light, intended to be hung over a table. It is equipped with LED panels facing both downwards, emitting direct light onto the table, and upwards producing indirect light from ceiling reflections. All LEDs are separately controllable.


Style: Scandinavian.

Diffusers: Glass, acid-etched.

Power cord: Fabric.

Suspension wires: Steel.

Suspension hangers: Leather.

Frame: Waxed ash, white oiled birch or black stained oak. Sustainable, solid wood. Grown in Scandinavia.


Dager One is our concept product, primarily developed to showcase our dynamic lighting technology. So the dynamic range and quality of light have been prioritised over e.g. price or power consumption.

LEDs: A carefully selected mix of premium quality cold-white, warm-white and RGB LEDs.

LED Control: All LEDs are separately controllable. The theoretical max is 16 Million colours (24 bits) RGB + 65 thousand (16 bits) levels of white.

LED Configuration: In total 1152 pixels, spread over 4 rows.

Sensors: Input voltage, current consumption and internal temperature.

Transformer: 230V AC to 12V DC, placed in the ceiling cup.

Connector: DCL-plug according to the new European standard SS-EN 61995-1 and 2.


Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n at 2.4GHz.

Aerial: Internal. Placed inside the luminaire.

Bandwidth requirement: Up to 100 kbps.


Maximum brightness: 2000 lumen upwards, 1800 lumen downwards.

Average power consumption: 40–60 watts at 60% brightness, both upwards and downwards.

Standby power consumption: <1 watt with microcontroller and Wi-Fi interface active.

Startup time from standby: <1 second.

Colour temperature range: 2500–6000 kelvin when using only the warm-white and cold-white LEDs. Wider with support from the RGB LEDs.

CRI: 95 at 3500 kelvin. >90 for the range 3000–5800 kelvin.

Flicker: <0.5% at 3500 kelvin.

PWM frequency: 7000 Hz (will not interfere with Full-HD video recorders).

Frame rate: Up to 30 fps.

Download dager presskit here (Zip file).